With R&D and innovation as its core competence,
Mictto is committed to providing customers with first-class automated products,
which are widely applied to high-end intelligent manufacturing and other industries.

Mictto Industry is devoted to R&D and production of high value-added automatic precision fixtures and special equipment with advanced international level, providing customers with comprehensive and systematic process optimization solutions. At present, the main products are automatic indexing chuck, machining center fixture, mechanical gripper and other special precision hydraulic fixture.Realizing multi-surface machining through one time clamping to improve production efficiency;By precise indexing, the machining precision can be ensured;Meeting diversified machining requirements by a variety of solutions on one platform。With innovative, precise, efficient and stable automation equipment, the company improves product quality for customers, reduces processing costs, improves management level and reduces personnel investment.

Mictto Machinery is devoted to the design, development, production and manufacture of middle and high end rotary joints.The main products are general rotary joint, high-speed rotary joint, high-pressure rotary joint, non-standard custom rotary joint, etc.The company's Products are widely applied to machine tools, petroleum, rubber, plastics, textiles, printing and dyeing, pharmaceuticals, papermaking, new energy, steel, chemical and metallurgical industries.The quality of the products is excellent, comparable to well-known brands in Europe and the United States, filling in the market gap of high-end rotary joints in China.

Upholding the R&D concept of “Leading in China”, Mictto has constructed a projectized, flat and efficient R&D innovation system, continuously developed and designed more advanced and precise automation equipment, and continuously optimized and improved the existing product system.

  • authorized 8 patents of national invention and utility model
  • company has 4 trademarks
  • a distric level enterprise engineering (technology) center
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Upholding the business idea of "Technological Innovation, Honor for the Honest, Lean Operation,Financial Soundness", the company adopts the advanced management concept of combining systematization and modularization to establish functional modules integrating R&D, production, operation and finance, so as to optimize the organizational structure and build a lean and efficient enterprise team.

The company has one Ph.D. employee and over 85% (Mictto)of employees with bachelor's degree or above. The company pays great attention to the development and training of talents, carries out long-term professional training for employees, and continuously improves the professional knowledge and innovation ability of all employees through the training mode of "combining internal training with external training", "sending out and inviting in".